HEATED! The Colorblind Friendly Card Game!

Imagine the simplicity of UNO, but with the charm of Sushi Go and the chaos of Exploding Kittens. That's HEATED - The Spiciest Card Game! A game for all age and skill levels!

The game is simple. Get rid of all the cards in your hand to win!

HEATED is a card-shedding variant of Crazy-Eights (made popular by UNO). Specifically, HEATED is inspired by the unofficial rules of SPICY UNO, but with many more SPECIAL cards to add to the fun!

Similar to UNO, you need to match the last color or action card played and has the same core game mechanics as Crazy-8s.

Don't want to wait for your turn? If you have the EXACT SAME card (that means color and image), you can jump ahead and skip your competition! This keeps you constantly engaged, even when it isn't your

It's a fantastic, fast paced game for fast paced people! Order now by clicking below!

Feel free to visit HEATEDgame.com for the full set of rules and even our FREE Print-At-Home Version

How to Play HEATED!

  • Getting Heated

    Force ANY player to draw 2 cards. (This card can be stacked and redirected to another player!)

  • Ghost Pepper Spray

    Number all other players in any order, starting from 1. They must draw cards equal to the number they are assigned.

  • Apocalypse

    Choose a color to continue play. Everyone BUT you must discard 1 card of the chosen color or draw 1 card.

  • Fair Play

    Choose a player. The one with more cards discards until both players have the same number of cards.

  • Gift

    Everyone BUT you must draw 1 card. (Note: This card is only available in the expansion pack)

  • Draw Four

    The next player must draw 4 cards. Can stack on another Draw 4, causing the next player to draw eight cards (or more!)

  • Adjust Spice Level

    Choose the color that continues play.

  • No, Thanks

    Skip your turn or cancel an action card played against you.

  • Draw 2

    The next player must draw 2 cards. Can stack with a Draw 2 of any color, causing the next player to draw four cards (or more!)

  • Reverse

    Reverse the direction of play.

  • Cool Off

    Next player must skip their turn.

  • Swap

    Swap hands with a player of your choice.

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